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As a boutique builder, Huber Homes builds homes one at a time. Owner David Huber builds each home as if it was his own, with rigorous attention to every detail. Every contractor is a seasoned professional, offering highly skilled workmanship; each material
is selected with beauty, function and durability in mind.

David Huber is actively involved in helping you with the myriad choices that will make your home uniquely yours. He oversees every detail to ensure that you are delivered a home of unsurpassed splendor and longevity. Each Huber Home is a labor of love, a work of art enhancing it’s surroundings, a personal endeavor to be proud of.

We value each relationship, and seek to build homes of lasting value, that our clients will treasure for many years to come. We are honored by the loyalty of our clients, and would be happy to introduce you. Huber Homes is a builder of custom luxury homes.

Proud Member of:
LDNP, NIHBA, Community First & NAHB